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Anna lambert

'With lots of love I live and work in Amsterdam. In 2011 I made my first pooping dog.'

"In 2015 I opened my first pop-up gallery , 'OnlyAnimals' at the Westerstraat, in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. After that I moved with the gallery to the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, then to the Kinkerstraat and then to the Van Noordtstraat in Amsterdam. The moving around is a whole process and a bit of a hassle. But I loved the fact that I moved around in my beloved city, got to know it on a more personal level and was able to show my work in all different neighborhoods.

For the last 5 years I have my workshop at my most favorite place in town; 'Het Vrijpaleis'. Situated next to the Dam square at the Paleisstraat 107, in an used to be newspaper factory, squated in the 60th, art exhaling building. It's the last "broedplaats" in the city centre. Around 25 people share this building, we have our own studies and workshops and a mean area, where we have expositions, movie-nights, art-markets, teatre lots of more events. Absolutely worth the visit. "

"How it all started . When I was 8 years old, me and my twin-sister did a ceramic workshop at the Amsterdam Zoo 'Artis'. Eighteen years later I graduated from the theater school in Arnhem. In the last year of my studies I felt like modeling something of ceramic. I went walking the dog of my parents, when she did her thing I knew what to make; a pooping dog. In the beginning I only made pooping dogs, then other style dogs and now all type of animals. With special events at the Vrijpaleis I oten do performances, where clay and theatre come together. I love to challange myself. In every sculpture I try to put the soul and character of the animal."

"If I had to choose a type of reaction on my art, it would definitely be a smile or laugh."