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About me

'My name is Anna Lambert. I live and work in Amsterdam. In 2011 I made my first pooping dog.'

"In 2015 I opened my first pop-up gallery, 'OnlyAnimals' at the Westerstraat, in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. After that I moved with the gallery to the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, then to the Kinkerstraat and NOW my gallery is located at the Van Noordtstraat 24 in Amsterdam. The moving around is a whole process and a bit of a hassle. But I love the fact that I can get to know the different neighborhoods in my own city and they can get to now my work."

"How it all started. When I was 8 years old, me and my twin-sister did a ceramic workshop at the Amsterdam Zoo 'Artis'. Eighteen years later I graduated from the theater school in Arnhem. In the last year of my studies I felt like modeling something of ceramic. I went walking the dog of my parents, when she did her thing I knew what to make; a pooping dog. In the beginning I only made pooping dogs, then other style dogs and now all type of animals. I love to challange myself. In every sculpture I make I try to put the soul and character of each animal."

"If I had to choose a type of reaction I would like to get with my art, it would definitely be a smile or laugh."